An international trade certificate storage platform based on Blockchain Technology.


FRETHAN is an international trade certificate storage platform based on Blockchain technology. Through the Blockchain network to connect the global trade demand users, around the Frethan chain data credit network, under the shared ecological incentive mechanism, establish a trust-based, efficient and autonomous international trade certification platform and international trade ecosystem. Let each seller and buyer count, and every step that goes through counts.

Business Team

The business team of Frethan Chain is Chinadirect sourcing – a leading sourcing company in Australia. Since its establishment in 2005, it has been in the leading position in the Australian import and export service industry. It is also the only global service partner of Alibaba in Australia.

Technical Support Team

The technical support team of Frethan Chain is the leading Blockchain R&D team in the industry. The team members are from Griffith University, Queensland University of Science and Technology, Zhejiang University, Fudan University, Harbin Institute of Technology and Rider University.

Leading Partners

One of the leading partners in Frethan Chain project is China’s leading person in the field of Blockchain, Ph.D. in Economics, Dean of the Hong Kong Blockchain Application and Investment Research Institute, Dean of the Shanghai International Community College, and the East Central Block of the National Technology Transfer Center.

Ecosystem Partners

Now the frethan Chain is looking for ecosystem partners as an important node. The ideal ecosystem partner is a multi-member, international trade-related company and institution, such as multinational banks, international trade insurance companies, international trade shipping companies, internationally renowned Internet platforms, international e-commerce platforms, and so on.

We hope that the partners of the ecosystem and the important nodes of the Frethan Chain will first apply in a small scope, cooperate, establish a strategic cooperation framework, and then promote it on a large scale.

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An International Trade Certificate Storage Platform based on Blockchain Technology

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