Why Frethan

It was developed by the founders of the award-winning company ChinaDirect Sourcing. Frethan combines 20 years of import expertise, 30,000 Chinese suppliers, and over 2,000 clients into a platform that you can use to simplify and secure the management of your imports from China.

ChinaDirect Awards

The Problem

Inferior Products
Inferior Products
Delivery Delay
Delivery Delays
Poor Documentation
No Insurance
No Insurance

The Solution

Importing Process
We have digitised the proven End-to-End Importing Business processes and added Blockchain elements.

Frethan has been designed for simplicity to make importing quick, easy, and profitable.

It will allow you to import products from China to a destination in Australia with minimal effort – it’s like having a personal import agent doing all the hard work for you.

Frethan will initially handle international trade between China and Australia,  then expand to the USA, UK, New Zealand, and beyond.

Size of Market

USD $57 Billion

Australian‘s import from China

USD $40 Trillion

Total imports & Exports of China


Number of Importers in Australia


Legal Blockchain
Legal Blockchain
The Legal Blockchain improves the Transparency, Data Integrity, Storage of documents, and the ability to submit to the Online Court in China; 16 Provinces use this Blockchain in China.
One Platform
One Platform
One-Stop International Trade
Buyers, Suppliers, and 3rd Party Service Providers can all interact with one another without having to leave the Frethan platform.
Product Sourcing Automation
Templated Tasks & Processes

The Product Sourcing process is digitised with a visual project flow, a templated task system, and Automation to enhance the ‘Do It Yourself’ Management System.

Digital Signature
Digital Signing

Frethan has professionally created Templates for agreements used during Product Sourcing, with a Digital Signing feature. This helps reduce friction with international trade and improves the success of a project.

Identification Verification

People and Companies have their identity verified as part of the fraud prevention, digital signature requirement, and to improve trust. The verification status is visible to other users of the Platform.

LMS Product Sourcing
Knowledge Base, LMS, and Support

A Learning Management System is available to learn more about the End-to-End Product Sourcing process, in addition to a knowledge base for Q&A on Product Sourcing and the Platform. Customer support is also available via an online Chat and Messaging System.

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